1. Why SNS is Different Than Other In-Home Nursing Care Agencies

    Specialized Nursing Services of South Florida is proud to offer in-home nursing care, home health aides, and professional nursing supervision in the home. It’s our pleasure to care for our patients: administer medications or procedures, take vital signs, in home assistance, meal prep, etc. (Click …Read More

  2. Loved One

    Dealing with Guilt about Hiring a Caregiver for Your Loved One

    It’s a fact that the love and compassion you can provide to your loved ones is unmatchable. However, in situations such as where serious illness or extensive care is required, it is wise to hire a professional caregiver for your loved one. Feelings of guilt about hiring somebody from outside their…Read More

  3. Planning Ahead for the Upcoming Holidays With Your Loved Ones

    Holidays are an important time of the year for families to come together. It can be challenging to accomplish this goal if there are elderly or sick parents in nursing homes or homebound who need medical assistance. Rest assured there are ways to arrange the holiday season with your eldery loved one…Read More

  4. Loved Ones

    Preventing Serious Falls for Your Elderly Loved one

    Elderly people often become vulnerable due to lack of mobility and weak limbs, which can cause a fall. These falls can be quite serious, therefore it is very important to fall-proof your house as well as to be vigilant while you are out and about with an elderly person. Here are a few tips to help y…Read More

  5. caring for a stroke patient

    How to Provide Care for a Recovering Stroke Patient

    How to Provide Care for a Recovering Stroke Patient As a family member or loved one, it can be challenging to take care of a recovering stroke patient, so here we’ve answered a few ‘frequently asked questions’ and compiled a few important tips to make caring for a recovering stroke patient mor…Read More

  6. Hurricane Dorian Tracker

    Hurricane Dorian is slowly moving closer to the U.S. coast. Current forecasts now predict that the storm could be as strong as a Category 4 by the time it makes landfall. Read on to see maps and trackers of Hurricane Dorian’s path as of August 30, along with the storm’s projected path for the co…Read More

  7. Hurricane Dorian Advisory

    Resources for South Florida Elderly to Prepare for Storms When a hurricane comes along, elderly people can be especially vulnerable. They are more likely to have diminished awareness, health problems, access and functional needs and various other limitations. The elderly often need help from family …Read More

  8. Home Health Aide

    What Are the Duties of a Home Health Aide?

    What Are the Duties of a Home Health Aide? A Home Health Aid is a benefit for people who require help in daily tasks both indoors and outdoors due to their medical conditions. Home health aids help patients to lead a normal life by providing assistance in their home. They not only help by monitoring…Read More

  9. elderly loved-ones

    Protecting Your Senior Loved Ones from Common Scams

    Protecting Your Senior Loved Ones from Common Scams Financial scams targeting seniors have become so commonplace that they are now considered “the crime of the 21st century.” Unfortunately, senior citizens who are not very internet and technology savvy often fall prey to online scams. Often it f…Read More