Whether a senior needs a home healthcare agency for a post-hospital stay or more long-term home care because of a chronic health problem, Specialized Nursing Services is here to deliver the best in at-home healthcare. Our friendly and skilled nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other home care workers can help seniors maintain their independence with the best in-home care available. Read these blogs to find out more!

  1. safe travel for senior citizens

    Best Tips For Safely Traveling With Seniors

    Best Tips For Safely Traveling With Seniors When planning trips with elderly loved ones involved, it can be tough to manage all of the details to ensure a safe journey. Luckily, with a little forethought and a few phone calls, most of the major concerns can be alleviated in advance. Depending on the…Read More

  2. senior exercise program

    Healthy Exercise Programs for Seniors

    Healthy Exercise Programs for Seniors As we age our bodies can become rigid, tight, and achy. To counteract this it is important to stay physically active to maintain agility, flexibility and mobility. This will keep both the body and mind functioning well in older age. If you or a loved one is look…Read More

  3. miami senior care

    Staying Calm – Helpful Stress Relief Tips For Seniors

    Staying Calm - Helpful Stress Relief Tips For Seniors Life can be stressful. Add to the normal stress of everyday life facing a debilitating disease, and staying calm can be a challenge. Specialized Nursing Services caregivers know your loved one is under an enormous amount of stress and discomfort,…Read More

  4. diet for seniors

    The Importance Of Nutrition For Seniors

    The Importance Of Nutrition For Seniors Good Nutrition is a lifelong practice. It is important to maintain our physical well being starting at a young age so that as we age, our body stays healthy, fit and resilient to injury or disease. For senior citizens and elderly, it can be especially importan…Read More

  5. alzheimers care

    In-Home Nursing Assistance For Alzheimer’s Care

    In-Home Nursing Assistance For Alzheimer's Care At Specialized Nursing Services we know first hand the painful and devastating effects of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. It can be challenging to watch a parent grow old, uncomfortable and unfamiliar with their surroundings. Fortunately, thanks to s…Read More

  6. paying for in-home care

    How To Pay For In-Home Care Services

    How To Pay For In-Home Care Services If you are considering using In-Home Care or In-Home Nursing services in Miami, you are probably also wondering how to finance it. In-Home Care for elderly or ill parents can be very expensive and sometimes seem daunting to afford. Don’t Worry. There are resour…Read More

  7. Tips for caring for your aging parents

    5 Tips To Help Care For Your Aging Parents

    5 Tips To Help Care For Your Aging Parents As our parents' age, we begin to develop a new understanding of what it means to care for another person. There are many facets of caregiving that we are not privy to at the beginning of the process. Caring for aging parents can be challenging in many ways.…Read More

  8. Best Ways To Care For Your Aging Parents

    A Guide to Caring for your Loved Ones as they Age It is important to treat our elderly parents with respect and dignity as they age. After all, they have done so much for us, shown us how to live as independent adults, and lived life to their best ability. Often we must become caretakers as they bec…Read More

  9. why are people-living-longer and requiring more elder care services

    Why Are People Living Longer and Requiring Elder Care Services?

    It won’t surprise you to know that, with there being more people on the planet than ever before, there are more old people as well. In fact, the number of people living over the age of 65 has gone up exponentially in the last century, meaning that more and more companion care services are needed. …Read More