So Much Love

Specialized Nursing Services,

From the bottom of my heart I cannot begin to thank you for the incredible group of women who took care of my mother . . . You cannot truly understand the gratitude that I feel for each and every one of those wonderful women including Sharon, Beverly, Cassandra, and Maggie. They took care of my mother with so much love. I received texts with updates of how my mom was doing. They immediately told me if she was out of a certain drink or food and all around treated her with so much love.

I would also like to thank Kisha who made sure that my mom received around the clock care and helped me with some very critical decisions around hospice and other things that were going on. She is a brilliant woman and I am forever grateful for her help as well.

I never really had an appreciation for the job of an aide/assistant and all they they do to keep someone who is not able to care for themselves comfortable. It is a very tough job and I am deeply grateful for all the care that was given to my beloved mother who was an incredibly special person (to me anyways). And trust me – my mother felt the same exact way. She loved each and every one of the nurses. We are truly blessed.

Thank you,
Hiedi K

Hiedi K