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24-Hour Home Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the hardest diseases for family caregivers. As the disease progresses, your mom won’t always remember who you are. She may not sleep more than a few hours a night. Worse, she can become outraged if you try to keep her from doing things she wants to do. How do you know when it’s time for 24-hour home care? What signs should you be looking for?

She Has to Have Medication Reminders

To keep her from becoming anxious or agitated, your mom has to take anti-anxiety medications at specific intervals. She’s good about taking them, but she cannot track time. With 24-hour home care, your mom has someone to remind her.

She’s Not Sleeping

It’s not surprising to hear your mom isn’t sleeping more than a couple of hours each night. This is common with Alzheimer’s patients, but it’s hard on you as you need at least six hours to function properly.

When your mom isn’t sleeping, she tries to go outside. Each time a door or window alarm goes off right after you’ve fallen asleep, you can’t get back to sleep and end up exhausted. Around-the-clock caregivers are there to redirect her and make sure she doesn’t wander off.

She Cannot Stand for Long

Your mom needs a wheelchair now or she has to be holding on to someone. She cannot keep her balance. If she tries to walk across a room, she’ll fall.

Because your mom is struggling with balance and mobility, she needs someone there and ready to help her take walks, go up and down the stairs to the yard, and get to the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen as needed.

She Needs Help With Bathroom Trips

Not only does your mom have a hard time getting on and off the toilet, she doesn’t recognize her body’s cues that she needs to go to the bathroom. She has to have someone remind her throughout the day. Once she’s in bed, she needs at least one trip in the middle of the night or she has an accident.

If she does have an accident, someone needs to be awake and ready to help her change her clothing, clean up, and change into new pajamas. A 24-hour home care provider can help with that.

She Cannot Feed Herself

Your mom’s fine motor skills have diminished. She no longer feeds herself. She needs help getting food to her mouth at every meal. A caregiver can help her and make sure she has nutritional shakes and a cup with a straw that won’t spill if it’s knocked over.

When your mom shouldn’t be alone, it’s time to look into 24-hour home care services. You cannot do everything on your own, you’ll burn out. With 24-hour home care services, you aren’t trying to care for your mom all day and night, continue working, and have time for yourself.

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