Chronic Kidney Disease


What Is It?

Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic kidney failure, describes the gradual loss of kidney function. Your kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from your blood, which are then excreted in your urine. When chronic kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in your body.
In the early stages of chronic kidney disease, you may have few signs or symptoms. Chronic kidney disease may not become apparent until your kidney function is significantly impaired. Treatment for chronic kidney disease focuses on slowing the progression of the kidney damage, usually by controlling the underlying cause. Chronic kidney disease can progress to end-stage kidney failure, which is fatal without artificial filtering (dialysis) or a kidney transplant.

What can you do at home for Chronic Kidney Disease?

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Drink cranberry juice.
  3. Avoid alcohol and coffee.
  4. Take probiotics.
  5. Get some vitamin C.
  6. Try parsley juice.
  7. Consume apples and apple juice
  8. Take an Epsom salt bath.

How can we help our clients with Chronic Kidney Disease?

Home Health Care can provide care and assistance for people who have CKD or other chronic illnesses by creating kidney-friendly meals, assisting with daily activities and exercise, or assisting with necessary home modifications to meet health needs.

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