Dementia Home Care in Miami

Many families consider home care for dementia related Issues with aging loved ones. We can help.

What is Dementia Home Care?

About our Safe, Secure Alzheimer’s In-Home Care in the Miami area.

Specialized Nursing Services is the premier leader in comfort care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We know how important it is that your loved one has the best quality of life possible.

Keeping a loved one in the familiar surroundings of their own home is good for mental and emotional health.  But, without a little help, being home alone can be unsafe.

That’s why Alzheimer’s in-home care via Specialized Nursing Services takes a serious approach to the screening of their caregivers. We do a thorough background check, and a reference check of past employers to get a good look at how they perform their duties.

We also require that our Alzheimer’s and dementia in-home caregivers have sufficient training for the position. You can rest assured that your loved ones are being assisted and cared for by the best! Your aging loved ones spent a lifetime with you and now you can give back by providing them with the best dementia care services in Miami, FL.

The Best Dementia Home Care in Miami and Surrounding Areas

What is “Comforting” Dementia Home Care?

Specialized Nursing Services is a leader in Dementia Home Care in Miami. Being comfortable and feeling safe is an important function for those with dementia.

During the process of Alzheimer’s-type dementia, the brain deteriorates slowly. In that time the sufferer undergoes stages of personality and motor changes. Each stage requires new intervention and caregiving strategies.

Types of Alzheimer’s In-Home Care in Miami

Comforting care is more than simply dementia in-home care.  We’re there for the families and other caregivers that are assisting the senior, with special attention to the whole family and not just the loved one. 

At any given time, there’s an army of people and services assisting your loved one with dementia in-home care services.  We’re here to provide that additional support on a daily basis.

Dementia Home Care in Miami

How Our Comforting Alzheimer’s & Dementia Home Care Can Help

‘We Provide Quality of Life Care’

At the stage where your loved one needs dementia elderly care,  our team of caregivers work with your doctor’s diagnosis and care plan.

Quality of life means comfort and safety.
Our caregivers gently provide the encouragement to do the life-sustaining things that your loved one will no longer have the urge to do like eating, drinking or exercising.

‘We’re with you through every stage’
Our care doesn’t stop at dementia care at home. If your loved one’s dementia reaches a stage where dementia care at home is no longer viable, we can assist you in placing them in a safe and comfortable setting that best suits their needs

Considering Your Dementia Home care Options?

Try an Aide For a Day

We understand that choosing an aide to help with elder care services is a personal decision and can be intimidating. We would like to introduce our company and services by offering four hours of Private Duty Services. Our goal is to provide excellent elder home care and demonstrate how we can customize our care to your needs. We offer a complimentary, no-obligation demonstration of our Private Duty Services so that you can get to know us. Specialized Nursing Services provides an aide that will come to your home for four hours of care.

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Types of Alzheimer's Home Care We Provide:

Companion Services: 


Companionship will not only keep your loved one safe by observing changes and improvements but will help to extend and enhance their life through encouraging their interests and listening to them. Companionship does wonders for releasing the “happy chemicals” in the human brain. We all need it and that’s especially true for those needing dementia care.

Homemaker and Personal Care Services: 

As dementia progresses, your loved one’s motor skills will gradually diminish. That means everyday tasks called ADL’s will become difficult. A caregiver will offer personal care and housekeeping services.

ADL’s and homemaker services include but are not limited to:

  • Brushing teeth

  • Washing and styling hair

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Eating

  • Light meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping such as making beds, changing linens and laundering, dusting, and vacuuming.

In-home care services for dementia patients are different than that of cancer and other end-of-life or hospice services.

We offer both companion and palliative care services. A well-rounded suite of home care services is the only care your loved one should ever receive.

We believe there’s always something to learn, so we keep the staff that you entrust with the care of your loved one up to the most current standard in practice and education.

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