Best Ways To Care For Your Aging Parents

A Guide to Caring for your Loved Ones as they Age

It is important to treat our elderly parents with respect and dignity as they age. After all, they have done so much for us, shown us how to live as independent adults, and lived life to their best ability. Often we must become caretakers as they become elderly or ill, and must take concern to ensure their safety, comfort, and well being. In some cases we make decisions on their behalf, including monitoring their health and well being, medical decisions, and even housing.  As much as we may want to take care of our loved ones ourselves, often our work and personal lives make that option very challenging.

In approaching these decisions we must take a compassionate and considerate stance. We should step into the eyes of an elderly person who may have ailments and various health concerns, who needs support. In this way, we can consider the options for care that best suit their needs, and leave us assured that we have done the right thing.

Here we’ll discuss a few options for providing care to an elderly parent. We’ll stress the importance of In-Home Care simply because we believe it is the most kind way to care for an elderly loved one – it’s what Specialized Nursing Services does! You can consider placing parents or relatives in nursing homes, but this isn’t our field of expertise, so we’ll stick to outlining how In-Home Care options in Miami are the best way to care for your loved one.

The best ways to care for elderly parent are In-Home Nursing Care or Live-In Nursing Care. Your loved one can benefit from part time care by a trained professional, or full time care in the comfort of their, or your own home.

If you are a working professional, chances are it is not convenient or easy to facilitate chores and medications and general maintenance for loved ones on top of your regular duties as parent, spouse, caretaker, etc. Part time In-Home Care in South Florida with Specialized Nursing Services is a great option for you and your loved ones to alleviate the stress and support your needs. In-Home Care for a sick or elderly loved one ensures that they are comfortable and well cared for and you can keep up with your own needs too!

Part Time In-Home Companion Care For Your Loved One

Part-Time In-Home Care is well suited for those who are mobile, and semi autonomous. You can schedule in-home care for just a few hours a day or week. This type of care includes a variety of specialized services to make sure your loved one is comfortable and supported. We can provide medical assistance with certified trained professionals, who can administer medications, take readings and record medical information. We can also provide companionship, general care and house maintenance. If your loved one simply needs support to get in and out of the shower, needs a driver to run some errands, or simply someone to water the plants, cook and chit-chat, our trained staff will do the job! Part time care is great in this way, because it provides flexibility, comfort and ease of mind.

Full Time In-Home Care with Specialized Nursing Services in Miami is another great option for caring for your aging parent or loved one, especially if they are not nearby, are ill and non-mobile, or need more robust support and care. In this type of plan, we’ll send our trained medical professionals up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll take care of everything from administering medications and record keeping, taking vital signs and various measures, we can provide service for specific illnesses like infusions and wound care. And even bathing and hygiene. We can support adherence to therapeutic diets, including light shopping and meal prep. We can also take care of general tasks like cleaning and support your loved one with bill pay, correspondence writing and other documentation.

Full Time In-Home Companion Care For Your Loved One

Full Time In-Home Care serves well for those who need much care and support, and also to those who could benefit from frequent companionship. Many of our patients are on their own, and while their family wants to be with them as much as possible to comfort and support, other life needs dictate they cannot be at home with their elderly parent. In this case, we advise Full-Time In-Home Senior Care. That way, you can rest assured your loved parent is in the comfort of their own home, well taken care of, safe and feelings supported, cared for and comforted by our experienced team. We’ll take care of all the logistics and make sure everything gets done.

When faced with the experience of making decisions for our loved ones, it is important to consider their comfort and ease. Specialized Nursing Services knows that caring for aging parents poses many challenges, and we are here to help you navigate them! With Part or Full time In-Home care, every one of your loved one’s needs will be met, and they will be comfortable in their home.

Call us today to learn more and decide which package will best support your needs!

If you have any questions, we’re ready to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services when you need help.

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