Virtual Caregiving in Bal Harbor FL

Everything Virtual Caregivers Help With and What They Can’t Do

Your dad fell recently, and while he’s going to be fine, it did cause a lot of anxiety with the rest of the family. When you don’t live nearby and can only check on him by phone, it’s stressful. You’ve heard about virtual caregiving and wonder what this service covers and what it doesn’t.

Daily Check-Ins

A virtual caregiver can call your dad each day. If that’s unnecessary, you can reduce it to once a week, twice a week, three times a week, etc. With virtual caregiving, he gets up to seven calls per week from his remote connect coordinator (RCC).

The RCC is also available 24/7 if your dad needs something and it’s outside the usual call. If he wakes up and feels like the pain is increasing in the ankle he broke, he can call his RCC and ask for help. The RCC will alert you, a close family friend, or another family caregiver and request someone stops by.

Smart Home Monitoring

A virtual caregiving agency can equip you with devices that help monitor your dad’s movements. Movement tracking devices can keep track of when your dad gets up, when he gets a meal or snack, when he goes into the bathroom, when he goes outside, etc. If his movements stop suddenly, fall detection alerts his RCC, and appropriate measures are taken.

Medical Alert Buttons

Your dad can have a medical alert button with him. If he needs help, his RCC is there to respond to him. All he has to do is push the button on his wristband or lanyard and he’ll be connected to his 24/7 virtual caregiver.

Medication Reminders

Does your dad often forget to take his pills? Does he lose track of when he took his last pain medication and just keep taking them? An RCC can remind him when it’s time and ensure he takes everything he’s supposed to.

Build a Trusted Circle

Virtual caregiving relies on a Trusted Circle, and the people in that circle are prioritized differently:

Tier 1

Occurs when an RCC calls your dad to make sure he’s doing okay or see why he called for help.

Tier 2

Includes family caregivers, friends, and neighbors that your dad can trust to get to his house to help him.

Tier 3

Members are EMTs, police, and fire.

The level of the emergency determines who gets the call, starting at Tier 1 and escalating from there.


What Can’t Virtual Caregivers Do?

There’s very little they can’t help with. If your dad wants stronger pain medications, his RCC cannot change the prescription, but a telehealth meeting can be arranged so that your dad can talk to a doctor or RN about the continuing pain. This ensures your dad gets quality care, even if he lives alone.

What are your dad’s care needs after his fall? Virtual caregivers are the perfect solution when he wants to stay in his home and doesn’t need a lot of support. He’ll have virtual caregiving services to ensure someone checks in regularly for companionship and to make sure he has everything he needs. Arrange virtual caregiving today.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Virtual Caregiving in Bal Harbor, FL, please contact the caring staff at Specialized Nursing Services today (305) 652-2799

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