Companion Care

If your loved one needs care and attention but is still mobile and active, Companion Care is a
good option. Our Certified Nursing Specialists can support day to day activities at the patient’s
home, and provide non-emergency transportation. We can be there to support patients from 1 to
24 hours a day. Depending on your loved one’s needs, we’ll make a In-Home care program that is right for

In Home Care Agency For Your Loved Ones

Patients may need support in administration of medications, wound care, help walking or getting
in and out of cars and other like activities. We can help prepare meals according to dietary
restrictions and record medical and dietary information. Certified Nursing Caregivers are trained
to assist in these tasks and we’ll tailor your plan to include all of your loved one’s needs for the
amount of time that is most appropriate for them. Each patient will be receive an individualized
program to support his or her needs.

in home senior care provider in miami florida

We can also support daily home management. Patients can get help with household tasks like
gentle cleaning, cooking and pet care. We’ll help patients with general hygiene, into and out of
showers, and light grooming. We’re here to help and will make sure your loved one is properly
cared for. With Companion-Care we support our patients by meeting their needs when they
need them.

In HOme Nursing Agency In Miami FloridaIf you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services for help, assistance and guidance.