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How Home Care Can Help Your Mom Stay At Home

If your senior mother wants to stay in her own home as she gets older she’s not alone. More than 90% of seniors surveyed in recent surveys said that they wanted to remain in their homes as they get older.

It’s easy to understand why your mom would prefer to remain in the home that’s familiar to her as she gets older, especially if she’s living in the home that you grew up in. Being surrounded by the memories of raising her kids in that home is probably comforting for her.

But you may be concerned about her health, and her ability to take care of herself and the home. It’s true that taking care of a home can be a challenge for seniors as they get older. If your mom has home care it will be much easier for her to continue to live independently.

Home care for seniors provides help with a lot of the day-to-day tasks that have to get done like cleaning, cooking, shopping, and running errands. With help from home care, your mom won’t struggle with things like:


Home care providers can help your mom with lots of light housekeeping tasks that will keep the home clean, safe, and clutter-free. Some of the tasks that home care providers can do for seniors include dusting, sweeping the floors, mopping, laundry, folding laundry and putting it away, changing bed linens, changing towels, folding blankets, picking up magazines, mail, and other clutter, and taking the trash out.


If your mom has trouble doing the household shopping, home care can help. A home care provider can take your mom’s grocery list to the store and get what she wants. Or, a care provider can help your mom order groceries online, then go pick them up. They can also shop for pet food and supplies if your mom has a pet. And they can run other errands too, like going to the post office or the library.


Your mom won’t have to eat alone if she has home care. A home care provider will cook delicious and nutritious meals that your mom will love, and then share those meals with her. Sometimes seniors skip meals because they don’t like eating alone, or because cooking is too difficult for them. When your mom has home care you can trust she’s eating healthy meals daily.


Doing the dishes is another chore that can be difficult for seniors. But, your mom can skip worrying about the dishes and let a home care provider load and unload the dishwasher, or wash the dishes by hand. They will even do the pots and pans and clean up the kitchen so your mom doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Pet Care

If your mom has a pet a home care provider can also help her with pet care. A care provider can walk the dog, wash and fill the food and water bowls, and make sure the litter box is clean if your mom has a cat.

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