Post-Hospital Care Miramar FL

How Post-Hospital Care Keeps Your Senior Safe

If your senior parent has a fall and needs to be hospitalized, they will likely need help at home after being discharged. Seniors have a high risk of falling again at home after they have already experienced a fall. It’s very common for seniors to fall at home while they are recovering after a hospital stay. If you can’t stay with your senior parent 24-hours a day after they are discharged from the hospital but you’re concerned about them being alone at home, post-hospital care is a good solution. Post-hospital care is available around the clock so that your senior parent doesn’t have to be alone during their recovery.


After a hospital stay seniors typically have extra medicine they need to take in addition to the medication that they already take for the health conditions they need to manage. But, seniors who are still struggling to recover from a hospital stay may run out of medication or forget to take the meds they need to take. With post-hospital care, your senior loved one will have someone to make sure they are taking the right medication at the right time every day.

Follow Up Care

If your senior loved one needs routine follow up care like additional blood tests, X-rays, or other monitoring a home care professional that is providing post-hospital care can help your senior loved one get to the doctor or get the medical care they need at home where they can relax. Routine follow up care is the best way for the doctor to make sure that your senior parent is recovering the way they should. It can’t be skipped if your want your senior parent to stay healthy.

Healthy Diet

Eating three healthy meals a day and some snacks is essential during a senior’s hospital recovery. Hospital food isn’t great, so most seniors end up losing weight when they are in the hospital even if they were underweight to begin with. When seniors come home from the hospital they may be unable to get up and move around easily, which means they won’t be able to cook healthy nutritious meals for themselves. When seniors have post-hospital care someone will be there to cook your senior parent’s favorite meals and make sure that they are eating enough.

Get Up and Moving

After a hospital stay it’s very important for seniors to get up and moving again as soon as possible. Even if seniors are just getting up to walk around the house a few times during the day they need to get up and move to help avoid blood clots and to help boost circulation. A care provider can give your senior parent the extra support they need to get back up on their feet after a hospital stay.

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