Hurricane Dorian Tracker

Hurricane Dorian is slowly moving closer to the U.S. coast. Current forecasts now predict that the storm could be as strong as a Category 4 by the time it makes landfall. Read on to see maps and trackers of Hurricane Dorian’s path as of August 30, along with the storm’s projected path for the coming days. Hurricanes are a bit unpredictable at this stage, so stay tuned as details can change over time.

Resources for South Florida Elderly to Prepare for Storms

Tips for Staying at a Shelter

  • Take what you can carry from your readiness kit.
  • Notify management of any needs you may have.
  • Let your family and out-of-town contacts know where you are sheltering or where you will be staying during the storm.
  • Make arrangements for your pets’ care.

For a full hurricane preparation list, click here.

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