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In-Home Nursing Assistance For Alzheimer’s Care

In-Home Nursing Assistance For Alzheimer’s Care

At Specialized Nursing Services we know first hand the painful and devastating effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It can be challenging to watch a parent grow old, uncomfortable and unfamiliar with their surroundings. Fortunately, thanks to science and technology, doctors and researchers have been able to identify a few crucial areas for care that, if properly targeted, make dealing with Alzheimer’s in the home, a little more supportive.

By integrating the latest research findings in the areas of memory, behavior, and sleep in Alzheimer’s Disease patients, Specialized Nursing Services has been able to adapt its In-Home Care and Companion Care Plans to help ease the burden on family members and your loved one.

Here’s how our trained professionals can support your parent suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease by targeting specific symptom groups:


Although, currently there is no cure for the disease or to inhibit its progression, some medications are available to cut down certain symptoms. Included in these are medications that help lessen memory loss and disorientation. Specialized Nursing Services sends  trained nursing professionals to administer medication to patients who have memory lapse or suffer from disorientation. We’ll help organize and implement a routine to keep them on their prescribed medication schedule. It can be challenging for any adult to keep on top of all the medications they are meant to take, so we understand how much more difficult it is for someone with disorienting symptoms, especially in a severe form like found in Alzheimer’s Disease. Specialized Nursing Services is here to help you and your loved ones in the South Florida and Miami area. 


Another area of extensive research in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease is behavior. When behavioral symptoms are properly addressed, patients are more at ease and caregivers can feel comfortable. Alzheimer’s patients tend to experience a spectrum of difficult emotions including anxiety, depression irritability, agitation, and anger. Patients can even be under intense emotional distress and unable to address it in a healthy way. These emotions can be expressed through verbal and physical outbursts and create uncomfortable scenarios for patients, families and caregivers. Specialized Nursing Services has a certified and experienced team of nursing professionals to properly address symptoms of emotional distress or sometimes unpredictable behavior. In-Home Care or Companion Caregivers are prepared to help your loved one through a variety of emotional experiences, and act with kindness and compassion. They’re also prepared to care for patients with delusions or episodes of disorientation, including taking proper precaution to lock doors, secure gates and keep regular check of a patient’s location.


An additional area of extensive study in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease is sleep. The sleeping patterns of Alzheimer’s patients are varied and can be extreme in some cases. Alzheimer’s patients tend to exhibit decreased brain activity during sleep states, including dreaming. This results in strained attempts at productive sleep. Some patients may have decreased sleep cycles and wake up regularly. Some patients find reversed sleep patterns and are wakeful during dark hours, but sleep during daylight.These and other inconsistencies in sleep should be observed and addressed because in extreme cases, patients who can’t sleep wander or disrupt the sleep of others. Specialized Nursing Services like In-Home Care for seniors can provide support to families for patients with abnormal sleep patterns by providing nursing and care services at all hours of the day. We can have someone with your loved one 24 hours a day or make sure a nursing professional is there during any periods when the patient would otherwise be alone or susceptible to wandering out. This means that you can breathe easily, knowing your parent is in their own home and safe from any issue.

These are a few ways that Specialized Nursing Services is able to provide support to families and patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. If you are considering In-Home or Companion Care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease, we’d be happy to help. We’ll support their well being by addressing three important factors for Alzheimer’s patients: memory, behavior and sleep. Call today to learn more.

If you have any questions, we’re ready to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services when you need help.

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