Seniors Can Increase Energy Levels Without Drugs or Marathons

Few people over 65 are going to run a marathon. Your mother or father may not aspire to that level of physical fitness.  

At the same time, no one wants to be constantly tired. Everyone needs the energy to do all the tasks of daily living and a few fun things as well.  

One symptom of aging is that energy levels can flag. Some loss of strength and stamina may be a normal part of aging, but there are many ways a senior can combat low energy.  


Eating right

Senior Care Hallandale Beach, FL: Increasing Energy Levels

Senior care experts say the best diet for energy is rich in whole foods. By “whole foods,” they mean food that looks roughly the way it looked when it came out of the ground or out of the barn.  

Uncooked chicken, fish, and turkey are whole foods. So are raw carrots, celery, leafy greens, potatoes, apples, berries, bananas, etc. Canned and frozen foods are not whole, they are processed. Any food that comes out of a box is not a whole food.  

Seniors are also exhorted to eat a diet high in plant food and low in red meat. Poultry and seafood should be consumed in moderation.  


Checking nutrient profiles 

If your senior is tired all the time, and neither of you can figure out why, you may need to have his Vitamin D level checked. A simple blood test can tell you whether there’s a D shortage. The solution is usually to get outside in the sun for a few more minutes a day. But if that’s impossible, a senior may need to take Vitamin D3 supplements.  

Seniors can also be deficient in Vitamin B12, the energy vitamin. Such deficiencies lead to anemia, weakness, and unsteadiness. This vitamin occurs naturally in milk and other animal products. But senior vegetarians may need to take supplements. Vitamin B12 is available on its own and also in most multivitamins designed specifically for seniors.  


Get some exercise, but not too much 

Exercise in moderation is great for boosting energy in almost everyone. The ideal amount of exercise for a senior is two to five hours a week. Too many workouts can also cause fatigue. 

In addition, seniors need to exercise in small doses rather than sitting in a chair for hours at a time. Just getting up and stretching for a few minutes once an hour can stave off sluggishness. 


Get enough sleep at night and avoid napping 

Naps tend to leave seniors groggy, especially if they are long and undertaken late in the day. It’s much better for someone over 65 to get all of his or her needed sleep overnight.  

However tempting it might be to stay up until 2 AM binging on Star Trek reruns, getting sufficient sleep is vital. Going to bed and arising at the same times of day will help establish good sleep rhythms.  


Home care can help seniors stay energetic 

Home care is basically designed to help seniors lead quality lives. And that includes helping your parents or grandparents get enough exercise, enough sleep, and enough good food. Senior care aides are well trained to cook nutritious meals and encourage exercise, perhaps by walking companionably alongside your senior.  

In conclusion, lost vitality is not inevitable in old age. There are many lifestyle habits that can keep seniors energetic and able to enjoy the things they have always enjoyed, whether that’s playing with grandkids, barbequing for the family, bicycling, swimming, etc.  


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