why are seniors reluctant to go to a nursing home

Why Seniors Are Reluctant To Go To A Nursing Home

One of the biggest benefits of at-home care for seniors is that they are able to stay at home when a nursing home might be the other option. Instead of leaving most everything behind and being whisked to a nursing home, they can stay in their home and enjoy the elder care services we offer.

While some people are interested in heading to an assisted living facility or a nursing home, there are some very good reasons why someone might wish to stay in their home for as long as possible. Luckily, we can make that happen with our medical and companion home care assistance. Let’s take a look at why some seniors are interested in staying in their homes for as long as possible.

They Have Social Circles

Not everyone that we perform senior companion care for is a shut-in. Some of them still move about the neighborhood regularly, visiting friends. Others still have people who stop by on a regular basis, whether it’s a relative, someone from church, or friends who are in the neighborhood.

Some seniors just don’t want to break that bond, especially if the bond was formed by living in the same location for so long. The house might be a gathering place, one that is infinitely more comfortable than even the nicest rooms in a nursing home. And speaking of comfort…

They Are Comforted By Their Surroundings

You can’t deny that things play an important part in our lives. While we can’t rely on material possessions to make us happy, there are some objects that are important to us because of the memories they evoke. Sometimes they’re objects like a collection that was built with a spouse, other times it’s the house itself. Living anyplace for so long can make a person feel comfortable, and many seniors are interested in staying there as long as possible.

We can make that happen with our senior home care. Whether a person needs home healthcare services or just help around the house, we can help them stay in the home longer than ever before.

They Enjoy the Space

When most people move to a nursing home, they have a room with an attached bathroom. That usually translates to about 250 square feet, depending on what the senior can afford. Some people are happy to downsize after all that time, and instead of having so much personal space they’re more than happy to use the common spaces that are found in a nursing home.

But some seniors are still enjoying their private space. If the home a senior was living in was built between 1973 and last year, the average square footage for houses from that era is between 1,600 and 2,600 square feet. With a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom or two, and multiple bedrooms (one of which was probably a hobby room), it can be difficult to give up so much space all at once. Which leads us to…

They Enjoy Their Privacy

Without a doubt, nursing home facilities are great for some people. For those who like to socialize, nursing homes offer them dozens of new friends with whom they can talk all day, have meals with, and wake up the next morning to do it all over again.

Not every senior is quite that sociable. Some, in fact, enjoy their privacy so much that they really aren’t yet interested in being surrounded by people all the time. That’s where our elder care services come in. For various lengths of the day, we can stop by and handle what needs to be handled in seniors’ lives. We’ll talk to them as much as they like, help them with tasks, cook meals, and more. We’ll give them the amount of socializing that they want, and help them as much as they need.

Their Pride Won’t Let Them

When we use the word pride, please don’t think of it in the negative sense. We don’t have to tell you that pride can be a good thing. Many people who are heading toward nursing homes today have had an exciting life. They were either in World War II or saw their parents or loved ones go off to fight. They knew how to ration, they worked 30 or more years for the same company before they retired with a pension, and they’re proud of their accomplishments.

Now that their bodies are failing, it’s hard to for them admit that they need help. It’s difficult for someone who worked with their hands for their entire life to admit that they need help opening a jar. Imagine going from taking care of yourself completely one day and then having everything taken care of for you in a nursing home. Home healthcare and companion care can ensure that their pride doesn’t take such a big hit all at once. As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, it’s an excellent transition period.

They Don’t Like The Finality

Many seniors see nursing homes as “the end of the line.” And can you blame them? Nursing homes see a lot of death, as it turns out for many people to be the last place they ever live. (Even if people end up dying in a hospital, the last place they reside is in a nursing home.)

Moving to a nursing home means that they’re more likely than not heading to the last place that they will live, and that’s a scary thought for seniors. Heck, it’s a scary thought for most people.

Nursing Homes Are Expensive

Seniors are very aware of the cost of nursing homes. Some of their friends are already there, and other friends have investigated the cost and found the cost too steep. Because nursing homes are so expensive, some seniors will do their best to hide any difficulties they’re having at home so that the subject of nursing homes won’t be discussed. They don’t want to be a financial burden on their children, and may well be unsure if their own finances can get them through the rest of their lives. If the house is paid for, why not make full use of it so that they can leave some inheritance to the children instead of selling it to pay for a nursing home.

But by trying to hide their need for help, they’re putting themselves at risk. Seniors might try to get something from the basement and fall in the process, or grab something from a high shelf only to have it fall and break a toe. Home care can provide many of the services seniors require at a fraction the cost of a nursing home.

We want to help seniors live the life they want to live, and if that means staying in their homes longer, then we’re happy to do what we can to help.

If you’d like to learn more about our elder care services, contact Specialized Nursing Services today.

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