Why SNS is Different Than Other In-Home Nursing Care Agencies

Specialized Nursing Services of South Florida is proud to offer in-home nursing care, home health aides, and professional nursing supervision in the home. It’s our pleasure to care for our patients: administer medications or procedures, take vital signs, in home assistance, meal prep, etc. (Click here for a full list of our services)

Our certified nurses will go above and beyond to follow each patient’s individualized care plan. 

But what makes Specialized Nursing Services Special?

Believe it or not, it’s simple. What makes SNS different is our approach.

We are patient-oriented

We offer affordable services

We care.

Specialized Nursing Services is special because we are in the business of helping others. Our values and guiding principles are reflected in our services. SNS is dedicated to bringing qualified in home care services to our patients at a fair price. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your loved one is properly taken care of. We’ll help to ensure that home health care comes at no out of pocket expense to patients or their families. 

Our philosophy is simple and so is our approach. We are patient oriented, we offer affordable services and we care.


We are patient-oriented

At Specialized Nursing Services, we are patient oriented. Much like ‘the customer is always right,’ business philosophy, we believe that our patients are our most important asset. Inasmuch, we are ‘patient oriented.’

Patient needs are paramount.

Our trained staff will arrive early or stay late with your aging parent. We’ll order extra medications, we’ll follow up with doctors and alert medical professionals when necessary. We’ll take patients to doctor visits, order prescription refills, we’ll even help patients with house cleaning. 

We are here for you and your loved one. 

Patient health and well being is our priority. This means, we’ll be there even if there are  paperwork or billing issues. 

Our certified nurses will follow the individualized health care plan of each patient, careful to heed doctor’s orders. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones’ health and safety is our number one concern. 

We offer affordable services.

While patient well being and safety is our priority, a close second is offering our services at affordable prices.

We can’t care for our most important assets if we don’t have any because they cannot afford in home health care. Many home health agencies are over priced. We strive to keep our prices fair- instead of out pricing patients from much needed caregiving services.

Our goal is to make home health care, in home nursing and caregiving available to everyone in need. Our team will help you navigate with insurance, medicare and medicaid, as well as other government programs, to ensure funding or resources to support the cost of home care.

We know first hand how important it is to keep elderly parents in the home, and this shouldn’t mean sacrifice on the quality of care. Moreover, many nursing services are too costly, often unaffordable, and offer no support for their patients to offset costs.

We want to get your aging parent the home health care services they need, at a fair price- often covered completely by insurance and various resources. Our trained administrative team will help you navigate this process.

We care.

Another important approach that sets Specialized Nursing Services apart from other in-home nursing care agencies, is that we actually care. 

We are professionals. We follow up. We do the right thing. We will go the extra mile. 

We value our family and we know you do, too. So our goal, and our services reflect the extra element of care to support your sick or elderly loved one in their home. 

Our caregiver and nursing team work hard, but also work with kindness and love. The well being and overall health of our patients is important to us. 

With Specialized Nursing Services your loved one is not just another number, or another bed in a nursing home. We work with you to find the right caregiver and create an individualized care plan, because we genuinely want what is best for you, your loved one, and your whole family. 

Why SNS is different than the other in-home nursing care agencies

Specialized Nursing Services of Miami offers quality in home care services for the elderly, and those suffering from debilitating illness. We work with professional, certified nurses and caregivers and help with everything from in home medical exams to simple house cleaning. What makes SNS different is our approach. We are patient oriented, we offer affordable services and we care. 

Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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