Great New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

As our loved ones age, it is important to keep their minds young and flexible. To increase neural plasticity and keep strong memory we must always promote growth. It is important to actively use the mind. This is easy to achieve with our parents and elderly loved ones by setting some well designed new years resolutions.

Seniors may not be inspired to work on resolutions that call for long term ‘hope for the future:’ Picking up a new instrument, or writing a novel may be obtrusive and overwhelming. This is understandable considering old age and perhaps debilitating disease. 

But, seniors can certainly benefit from directing focus towards some specific present-centered improvements. Refining existing practices is just as important as developing new ones.

Help your elderly parent start this new year, 2020, with some great habits to put in place for a better and healthier life, right now! Contact our office to learn about how our in home nurses can support resolutions in your parent’s home. 


Incorporate simple daily exercises for seniors. Things like neck rolls and lifting the arms over the head 10 times are achievable. Move all the major joints to preserve mobility and flexibility. Practice chair stretches or chair yoga with seniors. Even some breathing practices can help build mind body awareness, and strength. 

Specialized Nursing Services staff regularly promote exercise with their patients, including walks, stretches and chair mobility practices.

Promote Time With Family And Community

Although it seems obvious, cultivating a sense of family and community, for a senior is correlated with increased sense of self and overall better health and wellbeing. Even longer lifespan is associated with a strong sense of family and community. The feeling of being apart of the group is important. It gives older adults a sense of purpose.

Revisit old friendships develop new simple ones… open the horizon of what could be! Our nurses offer a sense of companionship, as well. Our staff is trained to communicate with patients and be a friend through caretaker and companion services. 

Encourage your loved one to foster the human connections in their lives. Set up events with family members. Plan short visits with friends. Encourage seniors to call anyone they have meaningful connections with. As we age it is so important to bond with others.

Develop A Hobby

By old age, we’ve all had enough life experience to know what we like. Ask your elderly parent to choose some things they have always been interested in but never got the chance to do. Have them read some books on the topic, and then get to it. 

Our certified in home nurses can even participate or supervise your senior in activities or crafts. 

Invest in a few simple tools of the trade and give your sick or elderly parents the chance to learn something new. It is incredibly rewarding to ‘pick up’ a new activity or hobby. Having this experience in old age is refreshing brings joy! This way even a sick elderly parent can have happiness in their life.

Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Although during old age, we are typically in a more sedentary restful lifestyle, it is important to cultivate healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Overall wellbeing means taking care of one’s self. Take the time in 2020 to repattern or cut out unproductive behaviors. Our certified caretakers are happy to help identify areas for growth and set simple goals.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep everyday. Eat appropriate portion sizes of all of the major food groups. Follow any specific medical/dietary restrictions. Talk walks and get fresh air.

Have loved ones read books, and promote lifelong learning. In this way, we can cultivate meaning and happiness even in old age.

New Year New Mindset

Maintaining hope and happiness in old age is a challenge. That’s why it is so important to inspire a positive outlook with a new year’s resolution for seniors. It can provide a sense of peace. This is much more achievable when there is support from family, friends, and caretakers. 

Help your elderly parents bring purpose and meaning to their life everyday with these simple resolutions in 2020. Plus we can help take care of your loved one and work towards resolutions with them! To earn more about our caretaker and companion services, call today.

Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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