How To Keep a Senior Busy and Avoid Boredom

Unfortunately, as a person ages, they tend to do less, which can cause extreme boredom. Companion care at home can help reduce the boredom a senior feels, but it is up to the caregiver to be creative. This is one of the qualities to look for when hiring someone to be with your senior. They will not only ensure the senior stays safe and healthy, but they will also help ensure the senior is not bored.

Just the presence of someone else around the house may make a senior feel more comfortable and allow them to feel

Companion Care at Home Coral Gables, FL: Keeping Seniors Busy

less bored. They can find common activities and encourage seniors to get out. One of the main issues a senior has is going places because they can’t drive. Companion care at home will set up times to drive the seniors from place to place.

There are easy ways for a home care provider to help keep the senior busy, but it will really depend on what your loved one wants to do. Specific health issues also may make it hard to want to do things and may increase boredom. A senior who just had surgery will not do the same things as a senior who has perfect health. Activities will be based on each individual. The companion at home will help choose what activities fit into the lifestyle.

How Companion At Home Care Can Help With Boredom

Many caregivers will create a plan that will help care for the seniors they look after. This means your loved one will have a routine they can easily stick to and planned activities to look forward to. Here are some ways caregivers can help ease boredom.

Encourage Family To Come Over

Seniors may not tell their family when a good time to come over is but a companion at home caregiver will know. They can help arrange a time for the family to come over and set aside a day for family dinner. This will give your beloved seniors something to look forward to and ensure you get to see them often. It may also help encourage healthy eating and allow the connection with other family members to grow.

Play Games

Puzzles, board games, and other fun activities allow the caregiver to get to know the senior and prevent boredom. Memory games are a fun way to keep the mind healthy and give the senior something to do. If the senior has memory problems, this can encourage them to continue using that brain area and may help improve cognitive functions. The doctors may also recommend other games to play too.

Art and Creativity

A caregiver may not be specialized in art, but it never hurts to try new hobbies with the senior. Buying arts and craft supplies can help a senior stay busy while learning new techniques. Brain function can improve with a creative outlet. Try painting, pottery, or sewing if they feel up to it.

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