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How To Select An In-Home Care Provider Near Me

How to Select In-Home Care for Your Loved One

A Step by Step Guide for those looking for In-Home Health Solutions

1. Researching In Home Care Providers

The first and most important step in your journey to finding quality Home Nursing Services, is to
do your research. To begin identifying your needs here are few good questions to consider:

-What injury or illness does the patient have?
-How does the illness affect their day to day life?
-What tasks pose challenges for them in their self-care?
-Do they have difficulty walking, grooming, or getting up and down?
-Is the patient suffering from memory loss or lost motor skill?
-Is the patient capable of home maintenance, shopping, cooking or driving?
-Can the patient take medications on their own?

All of these are important factors to consider and the preliminary step in your research. Once
you’ve identified the needs of the patient, start your searches. Use resources like the internet,
local community health centers, and doctors or medical professionals. As you collect
information, consider the day-to-day and long term help that your loved one will benefit from.
Which types of support will help them and ease pain or discomfort? What issues are they facing
that home healthcare solutions like Specialized Nursing Services can provide?
Depending on the needs of each individual, different services will be provided. It is important to
ensure that any organization you work with can meet your specific needs. Do your research and
identify in home care providers that have the track record and resources to serve you.

2. Schedule A Phone Consultation

After you have identified organizations that provide senior companion care to meet your needs,
call. Speak with different representatives. Explain your loved one’s case. Discuss the options
that are offered and different services that can be provided. Private home nursing services offer
unique plans and serve varieties of populations from elderly, severely injured, to those suffering
from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and more.

When speaking with representatives make sure to inquire as to what types of ailments can be
treated and what services are offered to meet individual needs. Remember, each case is unique
and deserves a custom designed treatment plan.
It also is important to take into account the types of medical professionals that a home nursing
services agency staffs. Find out how staff members are trained, certified and insured. Find out
experience levels and background of nursing staff team, and if they are qualified to care for your
loved one.

This is also a great time to ask any other general questions: how caregivers are matched with
patients, how services will be financed, who manages cases, and if there will be an
individualized care plan.
Phone consultations are also a good time to have preliminary discussions about medical
records, insurance documents and any other paperwork that will be pertinent for moving forward
with the process. Be sure to identify what documentation you’ll need to set up in home
companion care for your loved one.

3. In-Person Interview With A In-Home Care Agency

Once you have narrowed down your options, plan a meeting. Either head to the physical
location of the home health care provider, or have them visit the patients home. In an in-person
interview we’ll cover the in’s and out’s of private home nursing services and what that means for
you and your family.

Plan to go over medical records and determine an exact treatment plan for your elderly loved
one. Our staff will identify the right medical professionals and companions to provide
appropriate services for patients. We’ll discuss insurance, medicare, medicaid, and work to
provide the most affordable home health care for your loved one- often at no out of pocket
expense to you or the patient!

Beyond just medical needs, we’ll talk about general self and home care. We will determine what
self-care, and home-care tasks would need to be addressed by our in home companion
caregivers, and include these items in the treatment plan.
After identifying needs of each patient, we’ll begin the matching process to find a caregiver
whose skill set is best suited to serve your loved one.

4. Scheduling

At this point in the process you have done your research, spoken with a few agencies about
providing in home care services, and you’ve met with representatives to discuss details of the
patient’s individual case. With Specialized Nursing Services in Miami, we’ll do the rest of the
work from here. Once we’ve identified the needs of your loved one and services to be provided,
created a custom treatment plan and matched a qualified caregiver with the patient, we are
ready to schedule services.

We’ll discuss with you the treatment plan and how SNS will put it into effect. We’ll go over days
of the week, hours of service, tasks, and any other special topics.
In home care will tailor it’s services to ensure your loved one is safe and well. We’ll make sure
medication is taken, medical records are up to date, any changes in symptom are reported, and
we’ll make sure that patients are well taken care of, fed, rested, and in a clean house. Our goal
is to provide total comfort and support to your loved one.

We schedule in home companion care from 1-21 hours a day and 1-7 days a week. We even
provide live-in care services, and can schedule accordingly. Rest assured you’ve completed the
process and your loved one is in good hands.

5. In-Home Care Services Provided

After the process selecting an in home care provider, that’s it! At this point you can find comfort
in knowing that the patient is home, comfortable and well taken care of. Our professionals will
use their training, skills and professionalism to deliver top medical and companion care to your
loved one. And, of course, we’ll always be just a phone call away.
Excellent home health care in Miami can be hard to find, we’re here to help you navigate the
process from beginning to end. Our goal is to ensure the safety and well being of your loved

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services for help, assistance and guidance.

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