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Learn About All The Services An In-Home Care Agency Can Provide – Private Care

We all want what is best for our loved ones, but it is not always easy to be sure we’re getting the highest quality service for the most value. If you are considering in-home care for a loved one or elderly parent, but are not sure how it compares to nursing homes, we’re here to help you navigate. 

Nursing homes tend to be expensive and inconvenient. You can never be sure what to expect, what type of service your loved one is receiving or if they are truly being cared for. With a private nursing service like Specialized Nursing Services, in home care is an easy choice. We provide personalized service in your own home setting at an affordable rate.We want to make your choice easy when it comes to doing what is best for your elderly loved ones.

Specialized Nursing Services is the premier in-home health care provider in South Florida. We specialize in bringing quality medical professionals to your home, ensuring that each patient is cared for with thorough attention. We maintain a high level of care by following a few simple steps that set us apart from other care alternatives: convenience, companionship, medical assistance and treatment, as well as home maintenance, all at an affordable price.

Home healthcare service is convenient. At home care for seniors can often pose a challenge if the patient is no longer able to drive or needs support with various daily activities. Specialized Nursing Services is here to help! We will work with you to create your own customized plan for  care management. Our highly trained, certified medical professionals can serve you or your loved ones from one hour a day to twenty four hours a day. We’ll help you plan a schedule of service, identify the specific needs of your loved ones, and match an excellent companion to serve you. All of this, and we’ll even arrange for round trip transportation. Never worry that you’re loved one can’t get where they’re going, we’ll get them there!

Home Healthcare provides companionship. Companionship is an important tool to help maintain cognitive functions as we age. With Specialized Nursing Services, you can be sure that your loved ones are in good company. Aside from being certified and licensed, we hand select our medical professionals and match them with patients to meet their needs. Our aim is to make life easy and comfortable for your loved one. Our team will help your loved one with their favorite hobbies, take them to run errands, go on walks, or simply sit and talk together. With Specialized Nursing Services, it is not just about meeting medical needs, but also to share pleasant interpersonal experiences. We provide high quality elderly medical care and companionship!

Home healthcare provides medical assistance and treatment. Our trained professionals will support your loved one in taking self-administered medicines, offer medication reminders and ensure prescribed diets are maintained. Our staff will help patients with sitting, standing and walking. We’ll also act as a fall safety monitor. Home health services offers speciality medical services like wound care, telehealth monitoring, injections and lab draws, home infusion nursing, in-home chemotherapy and much more. Our certified professionals are qualified for a variety of medical support specialties and we can accommodate and serve your loved one in their own home.

Home healthcare provides home maintenance. Aside from convenience, companionship, and medical treatment, our nurses can help with home maintenance for your elderly loved one. We’ll assist around the house, meal prep, collect mail, and even help with writing correspondence. Our staff can also assist with personal grooming, dressing, making beds, general house maintenance and much more. We’re here to serve you.

Home healthcare is an excellent choice for those who need home support. It is convenient and easy to schedule, offers companionship, medical treatment and home maintenance all at an affordable cost, and often covered entirely by Medicare. With Specialized Nursing Services, your loved ones will be well taken care of. You’ll receive great value and peace of mind. With our specialty, personalized service at an affordable cost, your search is done, and you can rest assured your loved ones are in good hands.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services for help, assistance and guidance.

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