Understanding The Many Benefits Of In-Home Senior Companion Care

Understanding The Many Benefits Of In-Home Senior Companion Care

Understanding The Many Benefits Of In-Home Senior Companion Care


Senior home care is a great services for those who are more inclined to remain in the comfort of their own homes, as apposed to making the move to a nursing home. Elder companion care is a much more flexible option that offers many advantages over traditional nursing homes. By working with a specialized nursing service provider who offers in home care, one can avoid the financial, emotional and logistical challenges of entering a nursing home or hospital service. Have you considered at home health care services? Do you know someone who could benefit from the aide of an in home health care agency?

Even if direct medical assistance is not something you or a loved one may feel is needed at this time, elderly companion care can be a affordable and comforting idea for those that may need an extra hand around the house. The nice thing about home care nursing services is that they are not only for those facing serious medical requirements. Assistance such as; meal preparation, laundry, getting the mail, remote controls, house cleaning, medication reminders, companionship, dementia or alzheimer’s care, can be provider, all while remaining in home.

Financial Challenges

How much do in home nursing services cost? Are private duty services covered by my insurance? What are the costs of an at home nursing agency compared to that of a traditional nursing home? There are several questions that one must consider when deciding between at home health aide and entering into a nursing home. While a nursing home may provide the facilities better suited for some of the more severe medical treatments, many of the medical and non-medical services that senior citizens require can be done at home. Saving them from the, often, more expensive  fees of a assisted living center. Some seniors may require attention for longer periods of time, perhaps even around the clock services. This type of care can also be provided by a senior companion care agency. By working with a team of licensed and knowledgable care providers, a schedule can be designed so that the  care recipient is tended for at all hours of the day.

Emotional Challenges

The emotional benefits that an in home senior companion care provider can offer include the extension of time at home. This peace of mind, that an uprooting process to a nursing home is not needed, can provide both you and your loved ones with a solution to elderly assistance that is tough to put a price tag on. Not to mention, the emotional benefits of an in home senior companion care provider can offer go beyond the tangible and also play an important role in the overall mental health of those receiving care. Having the option to remain in one’s home offers a sense of stability that a nursing home (no matter the quality) can provide.

Logistical Challenges

The stresses of moving can be great for a person of any age. As we age those stresses can become intensified by the concerns for physical health, ease of transition and more. Moving out of ones home, where they are most comfortable, and into a community center with new faces and places can be something that is hard to adapt to for some. In some cases, the transition into a nursing home for some can be too overwhelming and have the potential to result in unanticipated reactions. By remaining at home, with the support of family and a specialized nursing service provider the transition into assisted living can be a smooth, more natural process.

The many benefits of companion care for the elderly are clear. Helping to keep loved ones at home longer, while providing them with the services they require in a affordable and easy to schedule service. Specialized Nursing Services is a locally owned and operated family business, with over 25 years of assisting others in the comfort of their homes. We are proud to work with a team of compassionate, understanding and respectful care providers who truly care about those they aide.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Specialized Nursing Services for help, assistance and guidance.

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