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Why Elder Care Services Are The Perfect Transition To Assisted Living

We talk to a lot of people who are in need of elder care services. After all, talking to those who are getting up there in age is a huge part of the services we provide! And one of the reasons they often give for hiring us is that they are grateful that they can stay in their own homes instead of moving on to an assisted living facility.

Now we’re not showing any disrespect to assisted living facilities. We know that many of them provide excellent elder care services that are essential as the populations of the United States ages. At the same time, we know that many seniors simply aren’t ready to move to senior care, no matter how nice the facilities might be.

That’s where home care assistance comes in. It offers an excellent transition for people who are in need of care while still giving them the independence they crave. Here’s how our elder care services can help.

It’s the First Step

The first step to solving a problem is to admit that it exists. While aging itself isn’t a problem, the challenges it brings certainly can be. Simple tasks such as laundry can become huge efforts, standing to clean the dishes can be impossible for some. Simply admitting that these tasks have become too much to handle is a good first step to realizing that the person needing elder care services can choose to give up some of the duties associated with homeownership. Which bring us to the following…

It Gets Them Accustomed to Being Helped

As we age, our bodies usually become more limited in what they can do. This can be hard to admit; after all, someone who has bathed themselves for the past 70 years can have a hard time admitting that they are now unable to do so. Like every human being, those who are elderly have an ego and are trying to protect it.

Moving directly into a nursing home will certainly cause conflicts, as seniors move from “no help” to “everything being done for you.” Elder care services eases a senior into the idea of being helped. If we start with the dishes, they will be more amenable to being helped with bathing when the time comes, whether that’s via in-home care or at a nursing home.

It Provides Companionship

No matter how much we love our family and friends, most of us long for a day alone. Just one day where we can do what we want, whether that’s take care of a household chore or simply sitting and reading a book. Parents of young children yearn for just a single hour of being alone!

But most of us are more than happy to welcome people back into our lives after that day off. Humans are social creatures, and we need social interaction. So imagine how difficult it can be for a senior who can’t leave the house and isn’t being visited by anyone. While they used to able to drive themselves around town or chat with a neighbor across the fence, aging can mean that’s no longer possible. Many of them had spouses around, but after a death they’re not speaking to anyone on a daily basis. That would, of course, change if they moved to a nursing home. But if they’re not yet ready for that, the companion home care services are a great transition between their old social lives and the one they might have someday at assisted living.

We understand the reticence seniors can have to moving directly into an assisted living facility when age starts to slow them down. We’re more than happy to help for six months, two years, ten years, or more while they live at home and are in need of assistance and companionship. It’s possible that they’ll never move into an assisted living facility at all, choosing, perhaps, to make use of home companion service and moving on to home healthcare services. Either way, we’re here to help during the aging process and make it as pleasant as possible.

If you or a loved one in the North Miami Beach area wants to stay at home for elder care services, be sure to contact us today!

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