Are Your Elderly Parents Trying to Hide Things From You?

Your parents don’t want to lie to you. They probably hate having to hide the truth about their changing health, strength, and stamina. It’s also stressful for them to have to admit they’re not as healthy or able as they used to be.

Running up and down the stairs between the laundry room, main floor, and bedrooms used to be a breeze. It now seems impossible, but they don’t want to worry you. They don’t want to be a burden. These are the things that senior citizens often try to hide.

Automobile Accidents

Your mom and dad may still be excellent drivers. They may not be as good as they were due to vision changes or reaction times. You’ve seen stories about older drivers who mistake the gas and brake pedals. Could this happen to your parents?

If you see scratches or dents in the car, it’s a good sign that they’ve been in accidents. It may be time for them to hand over the keys and let others drive.


Seniors can fall for several reasons. The medications they take cause dizziness, and that led to a fall. Joint pain hit suddenly and caused an ankle or knee to give out while climbing up the stairs. Slipping on wet bathroom tiles is also common.

If you see unexplained bruises, address safety issues in the home. See if there are grab bars in the shower, outside of the bathtub or shower, and near the toilet. Check that the rails on the stairs are sturdy.

Medication Side Effects

Many older adults take at least one medication. Some take a variety of pills each day. These pills usually have side effects that range from dizziness to nausea.

If your parents are taking medications and experiencing troubling side effects like lack of energy, dizziness, or insomnia, they may not tell you. They don’t want to worry you, so they hide it.


Arthritis pain is one of the most common ailments as you age. Ankles, knees, hips, and hands can all be impacted by this chronic health condition. While pain relievers help ease the pain, the relief only lasts for a few hours. Warm and cold compresses may help. There’s no magical cure, however.

If arthritis pain is impacting daily activities of living, your parents need to have the support they require. Your dad’s fingers ache and can’t grasp a knife like they used to. He was slicing onions and lost his grip on the handle. Before he is injured, look into having someone available to help with food preparation.

If you suspect they are hiding things from you, sit down as a family and talk about senior care. Older adults may be embarrassed to admit they can’t do the things they used to. With a helping hand from a senior care agency, your parents can age at home and maintain their independence.


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