Tips for Making Home Care Work When an Aging Parent Has Alzheimer’s

The past couple of years have been tough. No one is going to argue that. When your aging mother or father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, perhaps you thought things would be a little bit different at this stage in the game.

You understood Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, but maybe you thought things would be a little easier to support this parent for the next several years. You knew down the road, maybe five or eight years ahead, things would be much different, but these first couple of years were supposed to be a little easier, weren’t they?

That’s not always the case.

The disease is going to progress differently for every person. Some people are going to be more susceptible to the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s than others. Some seniors will be impacted more significantly earlier than other aging men and women.

When you’re at the point when you recognize the value of home care, especially to support this senior with Alzheimer’s, there are a few tips that might just help you and this senior cope with the change that’s about to take place.

Tip #1: Rely on an agency.

You have different options when it comes to hiring a home care aide to support this parent. The best option is to turn to an agency.


Because agencies often have more experienced home care aides who have worked with other seniors with Alzheimer’s. They also offer training and may have great resources and support for that home care aide.

On top of that, in the event of some issue, there is flexibility. That means they could find another home care aide to step in and support for a few hours, a couple of days, or for longer term care, especially if you realize evenings are becoming just as difficult as mornings.

Tip #2: Lean on experience.

Experience matters. Especially when it comes to Alzheimer’s. When you rely on home care, focus on those aides who have worked with other seniors dealing with some form of dementia, whether it was Alzheimer’s or a different type.

Tip #3: Include the senior in the process.

While you may assume you know everything there is about what you need as far as home care is concerned, make sure to include the senior in selecting this provider. That will help to make him or her feel more empowered.

Whenever possible, make sure you talk about home care and begin the process of searching for a provider when this senior is cogent and lucid.

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