Understanding the Benefits of Having Home Health Care Nurses After a Liver Disease Diagnosis

Around 4.5 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with liver disease. So many things can damage the liver. There are diseases like hemochromatosis, where the liver stores iron improperly to liver cancer. People with hepatitis can experience liver damage, and it can be the result of an infection.

When your dad is diagnosed with liver disease, it’s crucial to get a care system in place. Depending on the condition, your dad may be going to the doctor’s office or hospital regularly. If he can’t drive or shouldn’t drive after a treatment, he needs someone to drive him both ways. Talk to his doctors about the benefits of home health care after his diagnosis.

Nurses Help With Injections and IVs at Home

Hemochromatosis has no cure. However, your dad can manage the disease by undergoing therapeutic phlebotomy or injectable medications. Talk to his doctor about having skilled nurses provide these treatments at home.

If his doctor recommends therapeutic phlebotomy, your dad needs to have blood drawn from his body to remove excess iron. Or, he may need to have regular injections of a medication that helps remove excess iron. If services are offered in your dad’s town, he may be able to avoid frequent trips to the hospital for these treatments.

Nurses Help With Post-Surgery Care and Education

Liver cancer may require a surgical procedure to remove tumors. He may need chemo and radiation treatments. Instead of learning how to care for him at home, nurses can come to his house and provide wound care, IV medications, and educational services that help him learn about the diet he must follow.

If a transplant is necessary, your dad’s recovery will occur in the hospital for several days. After that, he may be allowed to go home if there is a skilled nurse to watch for signs of infection and manage wound care. Nurses can take his vitals every day and report to the doctor.

Talk to your dad’s doctors about his recovery process. Depending on the type of liver disease, he may need to learn how to manage his condition. The disease may be part of his life forever. His doctor will discuss what he needs to do on his own and how home health care will benefit him as he learns how to take care of himself.

Once you know what care he needs, call and make arrangements. You want him to focus on his health and not struggling to do things on his own. You don’t want to be the only one helping him with the changes he faces. Call a home care agency to make arrangements today.

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